Coaching Fees & Policies
Three-Hour Package
Definitely and deliberately short-term coaching.  Most people find that three hours of Law of Attraction coaching with the three-step formula I teach is enough to help catapult them to new heights in their lives, whether it be in the area of relationships, career, business, finances, or life in general.

Choose how you use the three hours. Use them all in one week or spread them out, although I recommend that you use the time within 30 days, if possible.  All sessions are held over the telephone. Your three-hour package works much like a calling card.  You pay for the three hours in advance and then use them when you need to.  Most sessions last at least an hour.  Plus, I'm always there to answer your e-mails with encouragement and suggestions. You can renew your three hours as needed.
E-mail me or call me at 804-363-5721 today to get started with your hand-picked coaching program!
The Benefits of Coaching
Law of Attraction Coaching
Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance
Eight-Hour Package for Local Residents
Call for details.
Please note these are introductory prices and are subject to change at any time.  Act now if you would like to experience coaching at these current prices.
I offer a 15-minute Gift Consultation to determine if coaching is a good fit for you.  If it is, then we select the program that best suits your needs.
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