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You are not just your work or career.  You are more than that.  You are mind, body, emotions and spirit--a whole person.   The most significant life changes occur when you are fully engaged as a whole person.

There are "catalytic entry points" for growth, change, overcoming personal, interpersonal and career barriers.  There also are "catalytic entry points" in your body.  This is the essence of reflexology.  We start with physical touch, and it triggers a transformative process.

A lot of coaching focuses on the intellect alone.  Change is then smaller and slower, because you are not wholly involved.  I fully engage you in the process, and you will experience larger, more significant change, more rapidly.


The feet ground us both literally and figuratively. They are our contact with the earth and the energies that flow through it.  They are our base, our foundation.  A steady foot means stability and security. When we "lose our footing" we lose our state of balance and equilibirium. 

Reflexology is a holistic healing art and science, with roots in Egypt, China and India, based on the principle that there are reflexes on the feet, hands and ears that correspond to all of the major organs, glands, and other parts of the body.

As the feet, hands or ears are worked on using finger pressure and thumb walking, the energy pathways of the body unblock, allowing the body to heal itself.  A reflexology session helps promote healthy organ function, profound relaxation and an indescribable sense of well-being.  It revitalizes and rejuvenates on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

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"Holding a person's foot in my hand is like holding their soul."
- Paula Quick
Click here to read a powerful testimonial from one of my clients and kindred spirits, Chrispian Reed, on experiencing Reflexology with me. Are you ready to experience the profundity, the peacefulness and personal power that a Reflexology session can bring?

By the way, Chrispian's blog, A Sacred Place, is filled with insightful and  inspirational articles. She is a gifted writer and I love reading her pieces.
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